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What's inside

Who this book is for

This book is for any retail or restaurant executive who wants to drive revenue by reducing understaffing. We examine the shortcomings of schedule optimization and recommend operational best practices and technology solutions for staying fully-staffed.


Understaffing is hurting your business -- and it’s getting worse. With intensifying online competition and accelerating labor costs, it’s critical to put your stores in the best position to drive revenue. We review several academic studies to help you think through the impact on your business.

Recent regulations

Impending regulation promises to make employee schedules less accurate while simultaneously limiting the ability for your managers to adjust. It’s more important than ever to think beyond schedule optimization to stay fully-staffed.

Examine your business

We propose a framework to help you examine your business in terms of the root causes of understaffing. You’ll be equipped both to benchmark yourself relative to other retailers and to calculate the potential revenue impact.


Should you focus on retaining employees, recruiting, scheduling, or adjusting to staffing needs? We’ll help you think about which problem to tackle first and recommend operational best practices and technology solutions.


No schedule is perfect. Keeping your stores fully-staffed is harder than ever. What might have worked just a few years ago might not be effective anymore as competitive and regulatory dynamics make retaining, recruiting, and scheduling employees more challenging. Luckily there are business practices and technology you can leverage to start addressing understaffing today.