Shift Messenger Privacy Notice


This notice is dated October 10, 2016 and supplements the Gap Mobile Device Management Policy. All terms used and not otherwise defined shall have the same meaning as given in the Gap Mobile Device Management Policy.  



This notice describes explains how we may collect, process, use and store your personal information if you choose to use Shift Messenger software ("Software").

This notice applies to personal devices as well as Gap-provided devices. The decision to use a personal device to access the Gap Network is entirely voluntary. Employees should not use personal devices for business activities outside of normal working hours unless specifically approved by your manager.  



This notice applies to all Gap employees, contractors, and consultants who use Shift Messenger software to access information on the Gap Network ("Users").


Mobile Devices

Gap Inc. will decide, in its sole discretion, which types of Mobile Devices may be used to connect to the Gap Network and which software are supported by the Software ("Approved Devices").


User Privacy


Expectation of Privacy


For full details on how Gap protects the privacy of its Users on Gap Devices and on the Gap Network or via optional software and/or technologies provided to you during the course of your employment and/or contract with Gap, please see the Gap Mobile Device Management Policy, the Electronic Communications Policy and any applicable employee privacy policies which may be relevant to your location and role.


Information Received through Shift Messenger  


In order to allow you to connect with fellow employees and help you conveniently manage your work schedule, Gap may receive information, including personal and technical information, about you, your device and your use of the Software.  Data received by Gap will include:  your contact information (including your name, email and / or phone number); information about the stores and locations and teams with which you work; details about your mobile device (including the device type, your device's Internet Protocol Address); and details about how you use the Software (including click-stream details).  Additionally, the Software allows you to communicate with other employees by sending them messages or sharing calendar information or posting content to group boards.  Any information that you place into the service, including the contents of messages and/or images sent or details of communications between you and other employees may be accessed processed and stored.  Please note that the contents of your messages or postings may be readable or shared by other employees or your manager.


In addition to the uses described in the Gap Mobile Device Policy, Gap will use the information it receives to allow you to register for the Software and connect to Gap Networks, communicate with other employees and manage your work schedule. We may also use the information to monitor and protect the security of the Gap Network, our systems and data and create metrics to improve our workplace.


Gap may disclose the information we receive in accordance with the Gap Mobile Device Management Policy and any applicable Employee Privacy Policies, including to our service providers and/or as required by law. 


Applications and Downloads


All Gap-Managed applications installed on Gap Devices or on your personal devices must be installed in accordance with all.   



Policy Non-compliance


In accordance with the Gap Mobile Device Policy, Gap reserves the right to refuse, at its sole discretion, access to the Gap Network and/or Software. GapTech will, for example, engage in such action if it feels that a Mobile Device puts the Gap Network, Gap Information, your data, Users, customers and/or vendors at risk. This may be the case if a Mobile Device has been stolen, lost or otherwise compromised or if a User abuses his/her access privileges.


Modifications of the Policy


Gap reserves the right to change this Policy. You are responsible for regularly reviewing this Policy and adhering to the changes.



Policy violations may result in disciplinary action, including termination.  See the Gap Inc. Code of Business Conduct.


If you have a business need requiring a policy or standards exception, please visit Information Security on Jive to learn more about the exception process.


Report Incidents: Immediately report all security or policy related incidents to

Global Corporate Security Operations: US: 1-866-839-3911 / International: 00-1415-427-3911 /  Incidents include, but are not limited to, a potential or actual compromise of company and/or personal information, a lost or stolen device (e.g. mobile phone or laptop), or a policy violation.